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Fearsome Feedback!

Just in time... for your viewing pleasure! It's hot, it's cool - it's brand spankin' new. Our youtube-video-page is up and running. Click-on the U-Tube graphic (left) and you'll be magically transported through cyber-osmosis (via - technological wizardry)!

Does The Caretaker get email? Errr............ yep! Everyone from suitably scare-ified customers to slithering site-seeing surfers sings praises for The Caretaker daily. Below are just a few who, after facing our unique and intensely original masks, custom props and collectibles, overcame the resulting insanity and dropped us an e-note! Let us know what you think and we'll share it on the............. weird-wide-web!

"I got the mask today... awesome job. AWESOME job! I love this thing!"


"I checked the masks last night, they are far better than pictured on the website, the quality is outstanding and by far the best I have seen."

~Steve Cass

"I got the mask today and man, it is very nice and impressive. The paint job and thickness of the latex was also excellent! Thank you so much."


"This is one collector who appreciates the work you put into the calendar masks. I remember looking for years for one of them to add to my collection & paying big bucks sometimes for a brittle & rotting piece or a thin '80's reissue."


"Love your masks! You must be a childhood fan of Famous Monsters, Universal, Don Post, etc. I used to order cheap, thin latex masks out of the back of Famous Monsters. I was always disappointed. The drawings they suckered me with were always better than the masks. Man, you bring them to life! My hat's off to you!"

~Bob Howell

"I recently purchased your Lady Of The Lake prop from an on-line retailer. What a fantastic-looking item! It will be put to good use at our annual non-profit haunted campground. I may even need to get Crowley as well. Too creepy!"

~Jeff Thomas

"I just received my Grimmsby mask... he is FANTASTIC! Thanks for stearing me in the right direction!"


"Quick note to inform you that the Phantom Ghost mask and Goofy Ghost masks arrived! Once again, simply awesome detail! We had the Sea Hag and a fortune ball like globe with a yellow light on a card table set up in front of our house on Halloween night, I can't tell you how many people came up to her to see if she was real and to take pictures, and I can't tell you how many kids would not even approach the table!! Great Fun! Look forward to next year! Thanks for the wonderful products."


"Thank you very much. I was able to get the Rafter Ghost (my first choice). Your masks are very cool by the way. They remind me of the ghouls and ghosts found inside the Haunted Mansion in theme parks. Keep up the good work!"

~Ryan Murray

"Love the site and your masks. I own your Devil and Skull Halloween masks. I wish I could own all of your pieces but I would have to get rich first."

~Jay Herbert

"The Schlock Monster is a great-looking mask with large amount of nostalgic appeal. You guys did a great job on it... I'd really love to have one in time for the Monster Bash classic horror film convention in Pennsylvania beginning June 21. I think a lot of folks would go nuts over that mask at that particular convention."


"I just received the mask. Wow! This Halloween mask is awesome. It reminds of a mask I bought back in the early eighties at Disney World. This mask is better than I expected. You do very quality work! I am seriously thinking about putting this on a mannequin and making a pseudo-hitchhiker out of him. That would startle guests at my door. Anyway I thought I would leave you my thanks and some praise for your product. Thanks!"

~Rick Reed

"Hey man, thanks a million for the Witch mask! I love that sculpt! And the real jiggle of rubber... can't beat it. I like how some of your Halloween masks don't need a slit in the back too. I'm going to the Monster Bash in Pittsburgh near the end of June, and plan to take a couple of your masks to wear around. That'll be fun!"


"The package arrived today and all I can say is WOW! Thank you so much! It is by far the best thing that has happened in quite awhile. The skull is amazing! I knew it was a winner the moment my 14 year-old daughter said she didn't want it in the house because it creeped her out. We have a winner! The hanging plaque just looks too cool and I am wearing the shirt as I type. Thanks again!"


"The plaque arrived today. It's wonderful! So much so that I'm trying to find a bit of wall space to accomodate the vertical version. I've already had one friend inquire about how to get his hands on one. Thanks again for the fantastic plaque and the unexpected bonus gift!"


"I am so pleased to have found your website! I have loved my Sea Hag for two years now. Some people won't even come to my door anymore. I love it!"


"Great plaque, it's just as described. I'm very happy with it, thanks!"


"Hello--- I found your site by accident but am really impressed with the stuff you folks create. I love the stylized sculpts on a lot of your Halloween masks."

~Steve Purcell

"I can't believe I've missed this site for so long! Unique and different from all the others I've seen. Keep up the good work!"

~Jason Nunn

"Quick note to inform you that the masks arrived and they are exactly what we were looking for!! Thanks."


"It doesn't get any better, fantastic mask!"


Transworld Terror!

If you've never been to the Transworld Halloween and Party Show in Chicago, here's a little glimpse of what you've missed at the Dynamic Design International booth! Our creations have mesmerized victim after unsuspecting victim, becoming some of the most unique and talked about high quality Halloween masks, custom props, and costumes at every show we've attended!

Wholesalers and Retailers! Check out our lines and give us a shout to find out how you can knock your customers off their feet with the most original and attention grabbing line-up of high quality props, custom masks, classic costumes, and unique decorations available!

Attention Collectors! Contact your favorite spooky supply shop today and ask them if they carry Dynamic Design International Halloween products! If they don't, just contact us direct, and we'll see what we can scare-up for ya! If e-bay's your thang, the Caretaker recommends you click here.

Halloween masks Halloween props Custom Halloween masks and props The Caretaker Ordering Links DDI Home

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