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Still here, eh?

Schlock like Halloween masks... he he he!

Then look if you dare at some of the Caretaker's favorite Halloween haunts on the Weird Wide Web! Halloween masks, props, costumes and decorations are lurking around every corner, plus custom masks and props of all shapes and sizes to thrill you to the bone! In no particular order, these slithering sites are crawling with information and are absolutely to die for! If you don't believe me... it's your funeral!

Just in time... for your viewing pleasure! It's hot, it's cool - it's brand spankin' new. Our youtube-video-page is up and running. Click-on the U-Tube graphic (left) and you'll be magically transported through cyber-osmosis (via - technological wizardry)!

Latex Mask Central - Halloween and custom masks. Artists, message boards, interviews, how-to's and more.

John Detrich - Excellent illustrator, painter, digital, (you name it) - with a cool and very unique style.

Halloween Mask Association - Halloween masks, custom masks, custom props, forums, mask makers, prop makers and more!

Halloween Store - Costumes, masks and more! A wide variety of Halloween gear and accessories available here.

Halloween Info. - Halloween link site dedicated to... you guessed it, Halloween masks, custom masks, props, collectibles. You know, the cool stuff we all dig.

Box Of Monsters - Cool retro site, that actually "glows in the dark". It's also chalk-full of monster goodies!

Eyes Of Halloween - Careful, their watching you. Links for all of your custom mask prop and related needs.

Margrave Pictures - Hey kids, wanna' go to the pictures? Check it out, they have a neat lil' links page too!

Drunken Severed Head - With a name like that, need we say more? Actually, it's a blog with an interesting take. Sit back, kick yer feet up, grab a cup of joe and...

The Blood Sprayer - Masks, props, movies, blood and mayhem!

Halloween 24-7 - A ton of links and resources for... well you guessed it.

Kelly Mann - Kelly Mann, the make-up man! Well actually, make-up, masks, props and more.

BJ Winslow - Prop rentals to set a dark and foreboding moody scene. The "B" in BJ stands for bizzare.

Monster Mayhem - Halloween masks with retro and contemporary styles, with links, message board and galleries.

Minions Web - The Hallo-Links Halloween solutions resource. Lots "O" links here for Halloween how-to's plus much more.

Samhain - Search dedicated to all things Halloween, including costumes, decorations, music, myths and entertaining.

Crypt Crawl - Horror and Halloween search gives you websites related to this fall holiday and horror related sites.

Haunt World - Find everything about Halloween and haunted houses.

Horror.net - The Web's deadliest horror network. All kinds of horror here.

Horror Find - Search engine dedicated to horror, Halloween, and spooky subjects.

Haunted Illinois - Directory of haunted attractions in Illinois & beyond, prop ideas, Halloween news, message board and links.

A to Z Costumes - Halloween Costumes links resource, the name says it all.

Dapper Cadaver - Wide selection of creepy Halloween props, masks and bizzare oddities that'll turn your happy home into a haunted freak-show.

Wonder Costumes - Halloween costumes, Star Wars costumes. A nice variety of costumes and accessories here!

Haunted Fog - There's something in the fog, watch the fog! There's cool stuff for sale... in the fog!

Maskathon - Retro monster masks and assorted coolness from "back in the day". Neat-o monster masks and more!

Halloween On The Net - Exactly as it sounds, Halloween related links all over the weird-wide-web! Quite a few, so surf-on Jr.

Caddylak Graffix - Graffix and fun here, plus a nice list-o-links!

LA 411 - Los Angeles 411 directory for everything you could ever possibly need. Film, tv, theater, print and much more.

Haunted Halloween - Forums, links, blogs and resources to fill you with the spirit of da' season.

Halloween Directory - It's pretty safe to say that this link is gonna' take you to a site that has a directory full of Halloween shtuff.

Artistic Devil - Cool stuff awaits in this twisted, goth-filled, fun-house of the noir.

Scarefest - A Haunted House that will scare the sheets off yer bed buddy!

Haunted Wisconsin - Haunted attractions and Halloween events from this scary state.

Good Stuff Cards - Producer and distributor of monsterous trading cards from the past.

Glow Inc. - Manufacturers of glow in the dark paint and powder for Halloween masks, props and haunted attractions. Cool stuff!

Sir Links Alot - Links resource site with good size section dedicated to Halloween.

Haunters Hangout - Halloween props, haunt listings, message boards, book reviews, and large links base.

Haunted Wood's Woods - How's that for a title? Halloween and how-to. Info on special effects, tricks and other neat stuff.

Girl Monsters - Cute, adorable, and creepy as heck! Sweet little ghouls from the twisted mind of Kurt Marquart.

Haunted Planet - Halloween costumes, masks and props for sale here.

Bad Planet - Sells specialty costumes, masks, and custom props that can be used for Halloween or any dress-up party.

Halloween-Depot - Halloween supply source resource. Decorations, masks, costumes, props and where to get 'em.

Brain Splatters - With a name like that... well. Links, games, projects, ideas, all kinds of Halloween stuff.

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Halloween masks Halloween props Custom Halloween masks and props The Caretaker Ordering Your're already here! DDI Home

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