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If you've been looking for one of those rare companies that still gives 110%............ guess what? You just found it! At DDI we expect high quality because we do our very best to give high quality! Getting what you pay for isn't some antiquated idea as far as we see it and our customers agree. "Mission statements, slogans and lines... oh my!" At the end of the day it's about action. Below you'll find a partial list showing some of our customers. Contact us for more information!

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Feature-Films, Television-Series, Made For TV Movies, Commercials...... and more!

Busch Gardens Tampa - Prop Production (multiple projects)

The annual Wine And Food Festival at Busch Gardens has a lot more than just wine and food! If you have a sweet-tooth, you'll enjoy our giant-sized lolly-pop and candy props!

Universal Studios Orlando - Prop Production (multiple projects).

When Halloween Horror Nights 24 asked us to lend an appendage (or two), we asked ourselves... "does a shark poop in the sea?"

Cirque Du Soleil - Mask-Cap Production

The Circus is always in town... when your visiting the Bellagio Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas - Nevada... and when we say Circus, we mean Cirque Du Soleil "O".

The Walt Disney Company - Mask Production

When Disneyland needed their Hitchhiking Ghosts to fly-the-coup on a happy-hike throughout their park and into Los Angeles.... who d'ya think they called?

Titan Auto Insurance - Mascot

Titan Auto Insurance has a cool logo character, which we turned into a cool mascot!

Shady LTD. - Eminem - Prop Production (multiple projects)

One day we received a call from Shady LTD. to design a few last minute display pieces, needed (asap) to help introduce and promote their new clothing lines.

Ridebro Shoes - Mascot

Ridebro is about gettin' back to an easier way of livin'. Their mascot is a laid-back, cool-dude... in a loose-mood, but he jumps off cliffs and out of planes - so his head was built to last!

Ben Chandler Political - Political Mask

What do Halloween and political campaigning have in common? Putting on a mask, going door to door - and soliciting for as much stuff as possible, in a specifically alloted amount of time!

The Dark Carnival - Oversized Props

Got Theme Park? - The Dark Carnival (NJ)! Two large fiberglass clown head props were designed, to "greet" the victims... uh, guests!

Cherple - Globaltel Media, Inc. - Mascot

The Cherple logo is a cool stylized, colorful bird. An equally cool stylized, full-size mascot head was needed on a fairly tight time-frame.

Midnight Oil Creative - Twentieth Century Fox - Prop Production (multiple projects)

An oversized bucket of popcorn, some cool plastic pilot wings and a whole bunch of creepy, pulsating hearts! Great folks to work with

The Sentaur Group - Battleheads - Licensed Mask Production (multiple styles)

The Sentaur Group secured the licensing for collegiate football masks and figurines. We supplied all design, production, packaging, logistics (the entire gig)!

The Painted Turtle - Hole In The Wall Camp - Mask Production

The Painted Turtle is the sixth addition to Paul Newman's family of Hole In The Wall Camps for seriously ill children. It was a pleasure creating their turtle-mascot-masks.

Mt. San Antonio College - Mascot Statue Production

The mascot for Mount San Antonio College is a hardy wilderness chap. We designed and created four durable statues for the college.

Strategic Perception, Inc. - Political Masks

Politicians Wearing Masks? We get numerous inquiries for satirical and non satirical masks based on many a fun-lovin' political figure!

Professorit.com - Mascot

Professorit.com is the place to go, if you want to educate yourself, on - well... almost anything. Their groovy mascot-character was created by us!

You Software - Mascot

When the fine folks at You Software asked us to design an over-sized mascot head based on their company logo, we said no. Actually we said sure!

Cinder Block - Mask Production

We know masks inside and out. When an inquiry came in from the Cinder Block music merchandising company for a few thousand custom masks based on the Misfits skull character, we said... yep!

Point Roll - Mask Production

"A few thousand masks please, and step on it!" Not exactly in those words, but the basic idea.

And The List Goes On...

If we added a brief description to each of our listed projects, we're pretty sure you'd be scrolling and turning pages forever! Please see the list below for additional clients and use this handy yellow Link to visit our Custom Design Page, where you'll find a ton of custom images and more detailed information about our customers and what we can do for you! Contact us (at page bottom) with questions regarding pricing, options and turn-around and we'll give you.......... a custom-quote!

  • Celebration Cruise Lines
  • Hale Koa Hotel - Hawaii
  • Kroger Grocery (Chain)
  • Spencer Gifts (Chain)
  • 7-11 (Chain)
  • Party City
  • Halloween Adventure (Chain)
  • Six Flags
  • Cedar Point
  • Queen Mary
  • Cherple Media
  • Strategic Perception
  • Dutch Holland Cruise Lines
  • Jekyll And Hyde Club
  • Don Post Studios (Universal/Lucasfilm)
  • Don Post Studios (Universal Monsters)
  • Jersey Toxic Waste
  • Mirror Ball Marketing
  • Lazy Lizard
  • Third Street brewhouse
  • Chickendinner.net
  • Medigap
  • Scansee
  • Generation Opportunity
  • Six 3 Systems
  • James Trogolo Company
  • Eccentric Racing network
  • The Carlyle Group
  • Pass Kick Predict
  • Motivation, Inc.
  • G4 Media
  • Museums International, Inc.
  • Mark Ham Group

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Halloween masks Halloween props Custom Halloween masks and props The Caretaker Ordering Links DDI Home

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